Dear support, as you already know we in EMEA need to be compliance with the new GDPR law after 25.05. Once possible issue might be the Social Sharing Options in Komento.

There exists a lawyer company in Germany who offer a GDPR compliance social sharing plugin ( for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ... But you only get that after you pay a monthly fee from 14 Euro (can cancel the contract after one month).

The plugin works like that:

- If the user with to share something via Facebook, he need to accept the disclaimer at first, that he knows that using this function will share something with facebook
- Once accepted he can share content

According to the information written there, it isnĀ“t ok if the user can press a "share now" button (like it is the case currently). Maybe you can get some useful info's / ideas from that plugin and integrate that in Komento. If you have some issues to register / download the plugin I can help with my German in order to sort that out. Then please drop me an email if required and i can guide you true the site with an "where to click" manual.

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