Functionality of PayPlans?

Hi Mark,

I was going to post this on your recent Blog Post but then thought maybe it is better here:

I am kind of invested in Hika Shop and do not see myself switching to PayPlans just at the moment. This way I get more of what I want today but pay more e.g. customisation etc. But maybe some time in the future.

The following are items that will or will not swing it for me/sooner or later:

With respect to this here

Access Control
Extensible access control, hold restrictions or grant permissions access for certain group of subscribers to the different resources on your site.

(a) Would this mean that I can get people to pay to join an Easy Social Group.

(b) Once they were in could I restrict them from for e.g. inviting none paid members to join the same Easy Social Group?

(c) Is there something similar to the Hika Shop App for PayPlan where a user can Add a product they are selling on their profile.

(d) Is there any thing similar to the “Joomdle My Courses app ” where a customer could access their bought products from their profile?

(e) Can I create "life time" plans if I wanted to?

(e) Fast Spring plugin (I live in the middle of EU tax nightmare) any idea when a FS payment plugin might be available

thank as always


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