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Hi !

I have plans with 1 day free then X$ per month.
I am using Stripe to process the payment.
I entered my public & secret keys and tested it with another plan with no free trial. Money is taken on the credit card and deposited into my stripe account.

BUT, once the free plans expire and it tries to take the monthly payment (29.95$) I got an error message :

Message: Error in Payment from Stripe
Identifiant de l'enregistrement: 26
Type d'enregistrement: PayplansPayment
error_code: 0
Payment Gateway = Stripe
Error message =Cannot charge a customer that has no active card

The credit card is good (Its the one I used in my other test) and in Stripe I see the last 4 digit of the credit card when I first take my plan with the 1 day free.

But the other attempt from Payplans to charge the monthly payment are empty.

Help !
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