Hello SI Team

I have been buried in the depths of getting paid membership to work with the Fast Spring App.
Now I have realised that I giving people access to all parts of the site except the paid parts is not working with Pay Plans.

All Plans:


Here are the 2 paid subscription models:



Here is the free access all areas plan:


Thus the free plan gives access to all parts of the site except:

Paid plan 1 & 2 areas = “FCPX Media Foundations 101.X” & “FCPX Browser Mastery 201.X”

The none access part is achieved with the Pay Plans Menu Access App.

I currently have a Easysocial Profiletype App set up “Access all free areas plan” applied to the plan “Bug All Members Plan”

With the option On Subscription Active put in the ES profile “finalBUG Network” which is the sites default profile!

And the “BUG All Subscribe Free Plan” is assciated with the “BUG All Subscribe Free Plan” App!

Am missing some thing really simple

kindly advise


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