Basically, there is a gap in the program with blogs created from feeds.

When articles are retrieved from RSS Sources, I route them into "Pending" after which I have a choice of accepting, rejecting, or deleting them. These outcomes of rejecting or deleting are fine for normal blogs but inadequate for feeds.

1. Reject the Blog. This puts it into draft mode and sends an email to this effect which while fine for a normal blog, is not quite right for an RSS sourced blog.
2. Delete the Blog. This totally deletes the blog and does not send an email which is fine but it also deletes the entry in the database feeds history table which means that the blog is recreated the next time the feed is fetched.

So, you either end up with unnecessary emails and unwanted stuff sitting in the drafts list if you reject, or you keep having to delete stuff over and over until they expire from the feed source.

I think blogs created from feeds should go into one of two options only in the set up.
1. Published: If you want autopost as soon as created
2. Pending Feeds: If you want to review first

"Pending Feeds" should be a special additional option for such blogs. Under this, there should again be only two actions,
1. Approve and Publish
2. Reject and Remove

In the end, under "Posts" in EB Admin, there should be:
1. Posted Blogs
2. Draft Blogs
3. Pending Blogs
4. Pending Feeds

Selection of "Reject and Remove" should NOT remove the entry from the history table so that that blog is not created again.
Pending Blogs can continue to act s current.

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