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I am listening to this FeverBee's Community Strategy Breakdown now and thought others might enjoy this webinar. It is free to watch but this is part of a major course by Feverbee, Community Strategy Experts from London, GB.

Community Strategy Breakdown Webinar And Other Resources

This video webinar recording is by Richard Millington on Jan 17, 2019, 07:30 am and in his community strategy breakdown, he touches upon a lot of the concepts to teach to students part of the Strategic Community Management course (normal cost is $675 USD) but you can watch it here free. Richard Millington discusses and shows that chasing meaningless engagement metrics and start focusing on activities which drive phenomenal growth and the behaviour you want from members.

This video includes:

- Why most community strategies are pretty terrible.
- Why it’s important to define the problem (or opportunity) before suggesting solutions.
- The components of a community strategy.
- How to collect and interpret community data.
- And a lot of practical tips on deciding and executing your tactics.

You can now watch the Community Strategy Breakdown video webinar recording by following the link below:

Community Strategy Breakdown Webinar Recording Video
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