EasySocial 3.0 Preview
Hello all,

I wish, you could change the input address behavior of EasySocial and EasyBlog like it is already in Easy Discuss with a draggable marker on the map.

In EasyDiscuss you add an address and then see AND drag the marker on the map for finetunig, if the address was not found exactly. This is important, if you have a wide area, like a park and you want to mark an exact location where no street or house number takes place. Overall it might be a helpful feature to show the coordinates, as EasyDiscuss already does.

This i a really helpful feature at all and as it already is implemented in EasySocial, it helps to keep same user experience over all of the Stackideas components – So Stackiadeas, please consider and everybody else feel free to vote and give it a +1 ;)

Thank you and best regards, Macjoomla

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