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Hey guys,

If you have recently updated your Yootheme template and noticed this error on your site with either EasyDiscuss or EasyBlog, please take note that these errors are not caused by neither EasyBlog or EasyDiscuss.

The recent update by Yootheme has altered the behavior of the views in Joomla and this resulted in breaking our extensions since we rely on the core behavior of Joomla.

Some of our customers has already reported this issue to them and if you are a paid customer from Yootheme, you should also voice your concerns there because this is critical because Joomla extensions or Template should NEVER alter the behavior of Joomla in any way because it will certainly break parts of your site:

At the mean time, while waiting for their fix / response, we are still waiting for the access from customer's site who are affected so that we can roll out a quick patch.

Please do take some time to read through our documentation,
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