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Facebook API 2.0 - Birthdate field

Dave Parker · ·
11:44 PM Wednesday, 30 July 2014
Hi All...
Thought I would post this so other people don't waste their time.
In Facebook API 2.0, you can no longer retrieve someone's date of birth automatically. Instead, you now have to submit your App for review requesting birth date permissions to be granted. I did this, and I was declined as in Facebook's eyes:
"The data gained from this permission does not enhance the in-app experience. Please only request permissions that create a high quality, unique in-app experience for the user."

Amazingly, they did not even follow the work-flow to test the app (I would have known as a Facebook "test user" would have been created).

Far be it from me to banter conspiracy theories around, but it seems funny that because I am using EasySocial, and have created a Social Network (all be it for a niche area), that they decline me from requesting a user's birth date.

So before you waste your time placing your Facebook app into review, you're more than likely to get the same rejection as I did. It's just another case of Facebook becoming a huge monster (in my opinion).

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