RELEASE EasySocial 4.0.1 Released! User action logs and more! 🚀 🚀 🥳


Hi all,

:) I am very happy to announce that the next update of JReviews will also include a brand new, and free, EasySocial Add-on.

I am posting this with Mark's permission.

JReviews has offered an integration with EasySocial as part of the core for many many years. Allowing all content submission to display user avatars, add links to profiles, configure achievements, and post activities to the ES stream.

The purpose of the new Add-on was to improve the code, and take advantage of recent work in other areas to completely revamp the activity stream. You can see how the stream will look in the next update already live on the demo site here:

The new stream looks amazing on desktop and mobile and it now also allows for video playback right on the stream.

Brand new in the Add-on is the integration with EasySocial alerts, both system and email. This means that users can get alerts when there's activity on things they have posted on the site. Whether it's a new review, media or discussion. The relevant people can be alerted to the new activities right inside EasySocial.

Another improvement in stream activities is the ability to display custom fields right in the stream, which adds significant value for activities related to real estate listings, classifieds, etc. where prices and location information can be seen right away.

JReviews's major strength is giving your community the tools they need to interact with each other, create and contribute content that is easy to find.

Whether these are listings on a business directory, products and offers, classified ads, and more. These content enriches the community and its all made easily discoverable directly on the EasySocial stream.

Fresh content increases user engagement, now even more with built-in EasySocial system alerts included. It's also great for search engines that value the importance of new content.

Another level of integration between JReviews and EasySocial are multi-criteria ratings reviews for profiles, groups and events. This is done through the Everywhere Add-on. You can also create different review custom fields for different profiles, groups or events. Reviews, media and discussions for reviews using the Everywhere Add-on also feed into the ES activity stream and can be displayed using JReviews' listings and reviews modules.

So with this upcoming version of JReviews and the new EasySocial Add-on, we've taken the integration to the next level! If you are looking for other ways for users to contribute to your existing EasySocial community, there's a lot you can do with JReviews.

Take care!

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