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The actual multilingual system of EasyBlog is:
- Create a post and select the post language (English)
- Create a second (third, fourth, ...) post and select the post language (Italian, French, ...) and make the association with the posts.

This results in displaying the blog post ONLY when a translation is available.
Thus if the blog post has no translation for the Chinese language nothing is displayed in Chinese.

I would like that when there is no language association there is a fallback to the original (or selected) blog post.

The original blog post could be selected like this:
In the blog post creation the user can click a check box to set the fallback post when no translation (association) is available.

This has many advantages but the main one is we do not have to make any translation from the administration of the website.
We do not have to write the translation ourselves or grant access to the administration to bloggers to do it in Falang from the back-end.
Any Blog post translation could be done on the front-end by the blogger himself...

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