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Execute badge achievement rule

Emil Appelkvist · ·
8:58 PM Saturday, 21 January 2017
First of all. I understand this might be out of scope for support.
Perhaps some fellow users can help, it will benefit the whole community.

Regular labs have a free extension called sourcer it allows to place php code in content.
Im now trying to make the badge achievement for a certain article.

Anyone knows how to continue? I guess the "action" thing might be missing.

require_once( JPATH_ROOT . '/administrator/components/com_easysocial/includes/foundry.php' );

// @badge: read.terms
Foundry::badges()->log( 'com_easysocial' , read.terms' , $userId , JText::_( 'Read an special article.' ) );

I have installed the rule file:

"title" : "terms",
"description" : "Read terms",
"howto" : "To unlock this badge, read the terms.",
"alias" : "terms",
"extension" : "com_easysocial",
"command" : "read.terms",
"avatar" : "media/com_easysocial/badges/poweredby.png",
"frequency" : 1

This can of course be very smart if you want to reward user for reading the terms, help pages, FAQ or other things etc.
Hopefully we can together make some great stuff here :)
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