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This is an old issue that was never solved in readybites. EU VAT plugin is not EU law compliant and is easy to bypass or leave empty.
1. BUG, Users can purchase without selecting the country.
2. FAIL, Users can bypass TAX by selecting a country outside EU.
3. FAIL, according to EU law TAX must be applied if purchase is done inside EU zone. That applies to USA or any other country outside EU that are in EU at the time of purchase. It's not up to the user to select the country.
Example, USA citizen is on vacation in Europe, he makes a purchase online with his address in USA... TAX must still be applied since the purchase was done in Europe zone. Basically you can not allow users to select country to apply tax.... tax must be done via geo-ip. User should only be allowed to insert address and country for billing purposes not tax.

Please fix this, I'm constantly loosing money because of tax.
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