EasySocial 2.2. Released
With EasySocial 2 in the midst of the development cycle, subscribers want to see certain features, but there is only so much time, and so many resources available from the StackIdeas Team to develop all requested features.


I am sure there are third party developers and independent developers that would be willing to develop new apps, or make major feature improvements to existing Apps for EasySocial, as long as they are paid for their efforts and supported. This helps StackIdeas and all subscribers to EasySocial. Crowfunding APPS for EasySocial makes sense, and it will help to increase value for everyone that subscribes to EasySocial.

I propose that an EASYSOCIAL APP FUND be established and brought to fruition by having discussions in this forum post, with a goal to get new Apps and App improvements most wanted by having paying members of the APP FUND getting access to all developed APPS. The individual apps can be sold through the App Store for EasySocial,

I am willing to put up $120 per year ($10 a month) to help establish and fund this ES APP FUND, and hope that others will consider becoming APP FUND members to get it started.

Your thoughts, discussions and further ideas/ input into this subject is encouraged.

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