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Administration and Customizing Your EasySocial Network - Making changes to the General Settings.

With EasySocial you can do some configuration and customization in the Dashboard Administrator to make your social network feel more like your own. Learn how to configure your EasySocial powered social network to match your website or organization's needs.

This Help Guide is designed for individuals or organizations in the early stages of developing their social community; newcomers to community administration and management; those who need to understand community management to develop policies or procedures; and community managers who need to revitalize a stalled community.

Welcome to EasySocial! Ready to dig into the EasySocial Administrator Dashboard to set up your social network?
This guide details the special administrative privileges available exclusively to paid customers like yourself. As an EasySocial administrator, you now have access to a robust suite of tools designed to help you configure and manage your social network. You can enable and disable features, integrate EasySocial with other Joomla Extensions, applications, provision and deprovision users, monitor activity, export data and more. This guide is just the beginning -- as you get started, keep in mind your designated StackIdeas Customer Support Team and other members of this community are always here to help.


1. GENERAL Settings - The first settings you will make changes to reside in the General settings area.

To access the General settings go to: Joomla Administrator > Components > EasySocial > Settings > This will show you the General settings.

For more information on each of the settings you can change view the General Settings documentation below.

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