I saw a forum post on this topic and noted SI's response included an ambiguous comment about setting one's preferred editor in Joomla Users. I note that those settings do not affect the outcome, and the Bio field does not permit a WYSI now, nor does it respect HTML.

I would like Stackideas to reconsider this. The minimum and very useful thing would be to allow HTML, especially links.
One justification for this is that the Author profile has an option for including one's URL/website, but it allows only one URL, and forces the display of the archaic “https://"; prefix.
Most Authors would find it useful to include links in their bios, for many reasons—promotions, resources, publications, etc etc.
Enabling HTML in the bio field, or at the very least allowing more than one link, and making them clean on the front end (text descriptor or domain, w/o that prefix) would be more useful and elegant, and support the Author/User needs more realistically.
LOVE Stackideas! and thanks.

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