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I need a solution: I want to create a special forum for 8 people that notifies each person when a new discussion is created and for all the replies to those discussions.

I've set up the users forumtest1, forumtest2 and forumtest3 and the forum Forum Test. The thing I can't get to work are the email notifications. I set up the cron job and I got the email notification to work for two new posts and one reply. Then it just seemed to stop working. I cannot seem to get the system to send out emails consistently. The cron job is set to run every minute.

One thing I don't understand and can't find documentation on is the How Many dropdown in the Notifications for the user. What is that? How many what? Also, do I actually have to have each user go in and enable Site Subscription? Would it even make a difference in having them receive replies and new posts.

I could really use some help because I've spent way too much time on this and can't figure it out. Thanks.

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