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Email Notifications

Judee Island · ·
2:49 AM Wednesday, 28 September 2022
Where can I edit the text that is displayed in the email notifications when a user adds a comment?

For example, it says

This is a notification to inform you that a new comment is posted on the site.

1. It does not list my site name, how can I add my site name instead of the word site?
2. This is integrated with Joomla Articles. How can I add it to say which article title the comment was made? It shows in the subject line in parentheses but I would also like it added to this line above.
3. I would like to edit this line to say something else, where is this text stored?
4. I would like to edit the subject line, where is this text stored?
5. It also lists the date as follows 27 September 2022, I would like it to list it September 27, 2022, where can I change that?

Thank you!
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