Email Digest not working

Hi there,

We are trying the email feature in EasyDiscuss. But we have the following issues:
1. We turned on 'Enable Email Digest' option and configured email server from back end. In front end, no matter if we subscribed the entire site or one of the categories, and no matter which interval we select for email notification for subscriptions, we cannot receive any email for subscriptions.

2. We wonder if the 'Send email when the page loads' option will cause performance issue. For example, one user updates a post and saved data, another user trying to adding comment to the same post and make the page reload, would that take long time to reload for the second user? It is one of our problem in our current company website by drupal. There is a performance issue happened. When user trying to update data, it takes 30 seconds to finish. However, there is no sign for users about the delay or waiting time. User then tries to click 'Update' button again and again, and it will be even worse. Can EasyDiscuss avoid or resolve such scenario?

Thanks in advanced.

Song Li

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