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Echo Reports

Hello crazy friend <3

I create this ticket to show you Echo bugs/errors when I saw some of them. IMPORTANT NOTE: I don't request your help, you DON'T NEED to log to my site for fix it - I post some picture here JUST FOR HELP YOU AND REPORT YOU THIS ERROR. Then, you can fix theme for your next Echo Updates.

Attached pic 1 --> on mobile devices, you can see this dialog box is outside of screen (ES css bug?)
Attached pic 2 --> firstly, I click notif icon. Secondly, I click dropdownmenu icon. That open the dropdown menu but the notif dialog box stay open, so, a part of dropdown menu is hidden.

ONCE AGAIN, I DON'T NEED HELP OR ANSWER FROM YOU I just want to help you by reporting that.

When I see others errors, I will post it here (if ok for you, or maybee you have another place?)

Yann Anderson, a big big big lover of Stackideas :-)
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