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EB Composer Blocks

I created a template recipe template in Composer and added ol and ul blocks and there's no left padding:


I know it looks different when published but composer is supposed to be WYSIWYG right?

Also notice the heading block, the top and bottom margins are not set.

Another one, when I add blocks, it auto add it on top of all blocks that I previously added. I will have to drag it down and it will mess up the formatting of other blocks when I accidentally drop it inside a block.

- Maybe after selecting a Block, instead of auto adding it on top it kind of make the user select where to drop it but default it at the bottom. I don't think people create things from bottom to top.

When editing an active Block there is a Move at the bottom the border but it is not the move handle, that is confusing! Take note the Duplicate and Delete works but not the Move. I will have to move the mouse on almost top of the block to get the move handle.


You can try this in my Test Site.



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