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EasySocial Installation (JomSocial and more)

Haim Barad · ·
11:34 PM Sunday, 10 November 2013
I'm having some issues with finishing the migration to EasySocial from JomSocial.

1. Regarding the guest frontpage (Unity not logged in). I want to not display "What's going on in the community" and all the details below it (such as online users, recent users, etc). How do I turn this off (for guests).
2. I want to be able to display a graphic and some promotional text that's shown ONLY to guest (what JomSocial referred to as the hero header, etc).
3. I have JFBConnect 5.2.0 installed, but I can't get any of the social icons to display for the login/registration screen. How is this done.

I'm really close, but I can't get these last 3 working. I'll be happy to skype you backend credentials if it's quicker to help out.
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