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Easysocial Groups

P Hughes · ·
7:03 PM Tuesday, 28 July 2015

One of our members has asked if there is a way on our site to manage people signed up to a racing series we run.

I was thinking of Easysocial Groups, and i have a few questions, issues as i've not done alot with the groups section.

1. Can members in a group be emailed all at once by a click of a button or is it just individually?
2. If its a private, invite only group, are the group members the only people that get to see whats posted, files discussions etc?
3. If an event is created in a private group, are the group members the only people that get to see the event and what gets posted or is the event viewable to all?
4. Is it possible to have a custom field, for example "Password" that is only viewable to people registered for an event.


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