Hi there, this feature request is in relation to this ticket here: https://stackideas.com/forums/easysocial-events-list-layout-possibly and basically its to give a user a little more control over the layout of events in the menu settings. Right now the events layout is something like this here: https://cl.ly/0e2r1S001Y2O and for some sites where the events and more formal it would be great to have a table or list layout that was a little easier to scan say 10-20 events at the one time. Basically I am referring to a table like layout like say here: https://cl.ly/3U1x3d1N1k2a or even like your list layout of members here: https://cl.ly/0B1l0P0m1K3c but of course each row would be an event and it would have the ability to add the details you wished to the columns of this event.

This is really beneficial to sites where its not as social but rather much more functional and scanning all events and filtering the event list is very important. Also images and event images are not as important in this structure as they would in your more social layout.

I would definitely offer to help fund a little of this development work if this was a possibility for the team at stackideas or if others have requested this in the past.

Thanks for your time and I hope I have explained myself clearly here. If not let me know.


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