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EasySocial Applicability To A Project?

Hi Guys,

It's been a while -- but am back on a Joomla dev project. When EasySocial first came out, I was hoping that by the time this job came in, it would be mature and full featured, which it appears to be! Before I buy a copy and see how deep the Rabbit hole goes, I was hoping that you guys could indicate whether what I'm thinking is possible with EasySocial.

Basic architecture

I have Health facilities, Equipment, and People:
• Health facilities would be set up as groups
• People and Equipment would be set up as users

Equipment and people get linked to facilities through a "group join" and people get linked to equipment through a "friend" type link.

Record types

1) People (users)

• People profiles will pretty much be easy to implement through your standard modules, plugins etc.
• People would be set up as users with types Technicians, Health Workers, Manufacturers, Donors/NGO's etc)
• Data would be user / front end generated, so... normal.

2) Equipment (users) and Heath Facilities (groups)

• Equipment would be set up as users of type equipment
• The source data for these records originates from a tablet app, gets downloaded and processed with a desktop program, and is then published to MYSQL tables. Records contain:

a) Text fields, numeric, date fields
• Text / Numeric / Date data fields are straight forward and don't worry me

b) Images / photos
• URLs of (10-50) images per record.
• Links point to images on another server (thumbs as well as full sized) and could be a headache and I don't have an easy way to port them over to mine, unless I get deep into the App's web based API... which is it's own rabbit hole.

c) Numeric data (temperatures)
• Numeric data will need to be represented graphically (vchart) and sometimes as tables (tabulizer) as well.
- For Equipment, which would be set up as user profiles, I'm imagining using
* HTML field type.
_ What are the limitations here?
_ Can I use js and php in there too? (embed a google chart for example)
* Joomla article field type (is there such a thing yet?)
_The table/graphing components that I'm using allow embedding in articles...
* I saw a "User - blog" application type listed in the backend demo.
_Is that an EasyBlog integration and could I use it as a wrapper / workaround
* Customization of the template for this user type to add the special stuff
_Should I anticipate a custom template instead for these embeds?
- For Facilities, which would be set up as groups, not sure at all
_I'm a little worried that things may be a lot less flexible than for user profiles
_I looked through the apps for groups in your backend demo and no HTML option
_I saw "group - story" -- is that the equivalent of "User -blog" for groups (an EasyBlog integration?), and if so, coud I use that as a wrapper / workaround?
_Should an anticipate customization of the groups template, if even possible?

d) Location data (GPS coordinates)
• I can output these in any format (presently using google map standard)
• However, on Health facilities page, would be nice to be able to show two maps
* one with facility on map
* other with all equipment items at facility on map. are multiple markers per map possible?

[b}Importing / syncing / generated data for EasySocial[/b]

The big headache though is that Equipment and Facility data is automatically generated / updated. I can imagine three basic approaches here:

a) Manually set everything up, put records of each type in, establish relationships in every direction, study the structure and then output the data from my desktop based processing engine into the EasySocial MYSQL table structures.
b) CSV import set up on automated schedule or something
c) Set some sort of daily automated script (like the ones in Maintenance/Scrips) to "Sync"/"Migrate" the data in the MSQL tables (as they are currently structured) to the structures that I've set up in EasySocial

While I could just take a standard "form" approach to doing this, or even generate a "network" architecture of records with Joomla articles, I thought that it would be really elegant (and more engaging for users!) to port the data into EasySocial. They would of course still have access to cut and dry tables etc... but with your suite of packages (need to see how EB & ED would integrate, if necessary), it would be a lot less stale!

Sorry for the long post, but before I buy and more importantly, spend time messing with trying to get the pieces to fit together, I wanted to run the general concept by you to see if you think it can be done (and is realistic!).

Many thanks,

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  • Mist replied on Saturday, February 28 2015, 03:49 PM
    Your project sounds intresting. I think you put things down on paper a little bit odd.

    What i would do, maybe i don't know your full scenario or details of the goals but here it is

    1. EasySocial for People / Health Facilties (EasySocial Groups)
    2. People setup with profile types (technicians,donors etc)
    3. Groups used for "collaboration" within a facility (all the "people" within that group/facility will colaborate, discuss, add files, photos etc. everything that a group allows)
    4. "Equipment" will be developed with a CCK (content construction kit) .... let's say K2 with custom fields.
    5. People will "add" Equipments (you can define in CCK all the equipment data fields)
    6. Equipments gets listed in people's profile page
    7. If you need to "assign" one particular equipment to one particular facility .... maybe you can design some custom functionality for groups that will allow to "collect" K2 items / articles (or any CCK of your choice)
    8. Graph data and/or reports ... you can achieve with a component called "Content Statistics", you can fine-tune it, modify it or add custom functionality to it to get the graphs / reports you want.

    Take one step at a time and iterate step by step.

    From what i read in your post, it's just odd to let EasySocial manage also the "equipments" content type.

    Remember, even if EasySocial or any of the Stackideas product line are powerfull and feature-rich there are some cases and scenarios where custom development is needed to achieve the product goal.
  • Mist replied on Saturday, February 28 2015, 03:59 PM
    Basically, the way i see the "link" between the "people" and the "equipment" is not thru a "friend" request. This approach kills the whole purpose of the "friend" feature in EasySocial.

    Basically, within EasySocial, "peoples" can "link" to each other thru friends/followers feature and configure the privacy based on these settings.
    Let your "facilities" network of people link to each other using "friend request" ... and link people to equipments with a CCK, using the "author" field.

    "one equipment" = one CCK item / article
    article "author" = "equipment" owner
    you want to change the owner of one equipment ? ... fine, you just change the author of that article ;)

    This way, you can ...

    - Configure the "equipment" type the way you want it, separte from the the "user" or "facility" type.
    - Allow users to add "equipments" thru frontend submission form
    - See all the equipments a user have
    - You can list all the user's equipment in his profile page
    - You can mantain the "social network" / "community" capability of EasySocial and built upon that your entire "facilities" network.
    - and so on ....
  • Mist replied on Saturday, February 28 2015, 04:04 PM
    Also, i think the upcoming EasyBlog 5 ... will have a "custom fields" feature. I would wait to see what EasyBlog 5 will offer and choose it for the "equipments" type if matches your need.
  • Ivan Salcedo replied on Saturday, February 28 2015, 04:45 PM
    I agree with you mist.. (Y)

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  • Toryalai Hart replied on Saturday, February 28 2015, 06:59 PM
    Hi Mist,

    Thanks for the comprehensive thoughts on applying ES to my dataset. I'll have to think on it some... but I'm not a big fan of K2, especially since I'm using a RocketTheme template and there are always issues with modals and more. Every time that I've built K2 into a site as CCK because of all that it can offer, I've eventually removed it again and found another way.

    Although I've already spammed a long post in your forum today, maybe I can hammer out a paragraph or two to explain why I was building "Equipment" into the architecture intended for users, but as it's own type.

    In essence the web site is about the equipment (cold rooms, refrigerators, freezers etc) used to store vaccines in the country in which I'm working at the moment. Each individual fridge needs to have it's space for operational status, logged temperature data, statistics, repair & service history, photos etc... in addition to features to enable health workers to have exchanges with national technicians, and national technicians with manufacturers abroad or in country technical staff like myself. This data is collected on tablets via an app running in the Fulcrum environment, but then undergoes substantial processing to transform raw data into actual information that technicians can use. For national cold chain technicians, their interaction in the site revolves around equipment -- which is why I want to 'individualize' them with profiles etc.

    The health facility data is different in that it's derived / extrapolated / calculated from the equipment data -- and it's intended more for health workers, administrators & logisticians to ascertain installed cold chain capacity vs needs, storage conditions for vaccines etc. Because health workers are based at health facilities, and equipment is assigned to those sites, and technicians tend to have geographic zones that they service... it seems logical to make these the groups so that key people who are associated with these sites, and by extension with the equipment installed there, are linked to them (users will not be allowed to join groups, they will be assigned).

    As for people, they are actually the least important aspect of the system, and at best, my way of trying to draw people into the system so that they use it to watch their cold chains, express needs, report and follow up on issues etc -- all driven by the human ego, which strives to be recognized and will motivate users to be active to improve their visibility, and work towards career advancement (promotion or even a job with the UN, WHO or an NGO for example).

    I'll have to think on this more -- maybe I'll come up with a more intuitive approach. I just thought that it would be neat to port boring tables and reports into EasySocial to bring the data to life and keep it so!

    Many thanks,

  • Mark replied on Sunday, March 01 2015, 03:32 PM

    Wow, very lengthy post and it's tiring :( I second what Mist has postd above but I always suggest users to build their own apps / plugins if their requirements are niche because if you are going to modify K2 to work for exactly what you need, you will lead into a lot of maintenance nightmare.
    Please do take some time to read through some of these links:

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  • Jhan Kevin replied on Thursday, August 06 2015, 05:02 AM
    everything depends on you that you check either the template you're using RocketTheme and know how it works so you can adapt to your liking greetings. :)

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  • jan! replied on Thursday, August 06 2015, 05:47 AM
    Maybe jreviews can help !
  • Mark replied on Thursday, August 06 2015, 12:38 PM
    You could try getting in touch with JReviews :)
    Please do take some time to read through some of these links:

    Our Social Media Pages:
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