Easysocial 3.0


There were some other interesting requests for adding to Easysocial 3.0:

1°/ Gif Browser (for example with and/or some others gif and sticky providers)
2°/ 2nd level in comment section (for replying to a particular comment)
3°/ An ES apps menu module (blog, event, jticketing, jgive, ...) to place anywhere with icons
4°/ Improving #Hashtag widget and adding a button for showing a top #Hashtag limited by geolocation (country, region, city) based on the ES user location set in his profile when he shared something with a #Hashtag.
5°/ A better #Hashtag search included in ES search for example
6°/ A component/plugin/module (I don't know) to let ES users sharing theirs profile, streams, ... in their website, ... like the others Social Networks.
7°/ An ES shared article button to let the other Social Networks or medias or whatelse adding the possibility to share an article or something in our ES social network.
8°/ About background color in story form if it's like komento, it's interesting but it could be interesting to get the possibility to change text color and text size according to the background color.

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