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EasyDiscuss Responsiveness

David Judah · ·
4:46 PM Saturday, 02 November 2013
Hi here,

I am implementing EasyDiscuss on my soon to launch site. I am very happy with what it can do but just have one small concern. It is not very mobile friendly. When I test it on my iPhone, it just looks bad! I did allow it to be responsive, and it is but it is obviously not done right. I think Stackideas are great but for some reason the responsiveness part is not the best (even Stackideas own website is not working like you would imagine on iPads and iPhones. I am saying this as a constructive suggestion. I do not mean to attack Stackidaes as I am goining to renew my membership for years to come ;) it is just that I am paying a designer to try and fix the problems that I did not expect when purchasing EasyDiscuss. I must say that I am funding similar problems with EasyBlog but EasySocial for some reason is much better.

Thank you for all your hard work. Without it, I don't know how could I have started my new venture :)
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