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Curious, as it seems that when a post is created, the meta-description used is from the post; which is amazin..
What I like to know, is there any way to limit the number of characters?

For instance;

<meta name="description" content="In many countries, the traditional customs are being lost. What you think why this happens? What schools and parents need to do to keep the traditional customs alive? Keywords: traditional customs, lost, why, schools and parents, solutions 技能一 Body1:传统习俗消失的原因 Body2:学校和家长如何让传统习俗保持活力 技能二: Body1:原因类 Body2:solution类 技能三: Body1 传统习俗消失的原因在于人们生活方式改变了,人们不再..." />

Can see in the setting, where I can set, min and max title; so I thought perhaps there is something that can be done about this semi-issue...

Perhaps, there is something that can be done on the backend?
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