EasyDiscuss / EasySocial integration

Mentions: This is a great feature for EasyDiscuss, I love it. I particularly like to see EasySocial and EasyDiscuss integrated and seamless to every possible degree to where they fully compliment and magnify each other when both are in use together. When you make a post

1) Is it possible in EasyDiscuss to include the "mention" feature when enabled within the EasyDiscuss quotes? So if I hit the quote button, the @ mention of the person I am quoting prefaces the quote?

2) Can I display the EasySocial points next to or below the Username or avatar of the user within EasyDiscuss posts?

3) There are a few places where if you are using EasySocial for EasyDiscuss profiles, the integration is off and instead conflicting EasyDiscuss legacy profile data is displayed. This causes confusion for users. For example if you create a link to the EasyDiscuss My Posts Layout. The Badges and Points information will be wrong for the user. Same for the My Favorites Layout.

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