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EasyDiscuss - Chinese Language

Ulysses Gonzalez · ·
2:51 PM Tuesday, 23 June 2020
So, our website is gearing towards a combination of both English and Chinese; as its an IELTS company.
Since it isn't one over another, but a combination, this means that most of the content will be 50/50 in language.

I've noticed that since we implemented the forum, a lot of students are posting subjects in Chinese.
such as;


This brings up the url alias to look something like;

It's not a bad thing, I was just wondering if anyone has any ideas other than moderating each post then placing the permalink in English prior to approval...? Maybe something like a translator to English prior to creating URL?

Anything to reduce time; while producing a more SEO friendly URL would be lovely...
Up for any ideas...
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