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Full package update issue

Points History is not in sync with the listed point items right b...

The Tag selector in the Composer sections is sorting Z-A, not A-Z

Is the Conversations function in ED5 now NOT going away?

Post Types filter order does not match admin

Kunena migrator time?

Install EasyDiscuss

Failed to Upgrade ED

Updating EasyDiscuss generates a notice

no installation

Badges in toolbar even though it's deactivated

Inconsistent Ranking Display!

Conversations on Toolbar... 'No conversations yet'

Cron stopped working after Joomla 4 and Template Change

Custom Fields Ordering

Preview for topic

Get user satisfaction

Improve dashboard

Enhance the images button in the toolbar in bbcode editor.

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Mentions in EasyDiscuss

Change who can accept answer

Custom Toolbar Links

Anonymous post

Hide toolbar tabs for visitors

There are no discussions posted under this category.
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