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Notifications on posts edit

8 Notifications for one new one

Update stuck, now can't post

Edit own posts

Disable Points in Easydiscuss

Alert in backend - EasyDiscuss

Posts are not visible in the backend

EasyBlog Update?

easyblog menu item + 500 error

Setting Discussion as a FORUM not Q&A

EasyDiscuss - Failure to Update

EasyDiscuss - not found 404 component

Auto reminder e-mail before auto-closing

Single Category Layout hits display

assign user to different profile type

Comments in EasyDiscuss

Registration process

Insert image into question


EasyDiscuss Testing - White Site

Blank site

Unable to load tooltip content

EasyDiscuss Alpha

EasyDiscuss 4 Alpha

Bugs and Issues with the Beta Release

Easydiscuss did not load correctly....

ED 4.1 Alpha Bugs

Anonymous post

Hide toolbar tabs for visitors

Translation menu

How to edit administrator sidebar menu items

Multiple instances of the ED discuss plugin

Remove the Blockquote symbole


Email Font Change

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