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No line breaks in emailed responses

E-mail notifications for user group

Migrate from Kunena - will Kunena still work?

Odd category routing in EasyDiscuss

Unable to open any discussion

Failed to Upgrade ED

Updating EasyDiscuss generates a notice

no installation

Easy Discuss on Microsoft Azure

Error updating EasyDiscuss

UPDATE Failing

Long link in ED

Edit button (in the replies) doesn't work in the second time

Language string for dialog title "Remove Profile Picture&quo...

Toolbar Is Hidden On Members View

Error posting new topic after update

Custom Fields improvements

Auto-post latest EasyBlog post into EasyDiscuss category

Automatic assign of a moderator

Frame for the votes

Contact form functionality

"Show Categories with Empty Posts" and Container catego...

EasyDiscuss Testing - White Site

Blank site

Unable to load tooltip content

EasyDiscuss Alpha

EasyDiscuss 4 Alpha

Bugs and Issues with the Beta Release

Mentions in EasyDiscuss

Custom Toolbar Links

Anonymous post

Hide toolbar tabs for visitors

Translation menu

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