Kunena migration no category descriptions

Word wrapping issue

IP address

easydiscuss map

No points earned or deducted.

Comment Ordering & Pagination

EasyDiscuss and Kunena

problems installing latest version

EasyDiscuss Uprgade from 3.x to 4.x on my website

cant install/update last version

failed on "Initializing Database Synchronization"

API UPdate Error

Impossible to insert new tags

Email Parser issue

EasyDiscuss finder results showing link that includes absolute pa...

Easydiscuss Easysocial Group Plugin

search results ugly

Gallery View for Images

import of Image or video from easysocial to easydiscuss post

Add possibility to "thank" users like in other forums

more harmonisation between components

Make nicknames searchable in Easydiscuss users admin panel

Color tag for BBCode editor

EasyDiscuss Testing - White Site

Blank site

Unable to load tooltip content

EasyDiscuss Alpha

EasyDiscuss 4 Alpha

Bugs and Issues with the Beta Release

Custom Toolbar Links

Anonymous post

Hide toolbar tabs for visitors

Translation menu

How to edit administrator sidebar menu items

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