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Easyblog Module Update issues

Marcia Diamond · ·
1:46 AM Friday, 12 August 2022
I am working on creating a new home page for my site: I created an article : Title2022-front-test and have tried to design it similar to your sample menu page but I am having issues.

1. The first module embedded on the left side is an Easyblog Showcase Module (#2189). It is set to only 1 feature article. When I try and change the introtext or main body to fewer or more characters, the changes are not reflected on the 2022-front-test article. I have cleared my cache but still have the issue. AND trying to update the modules is VERY SLOW. It's as if something is hung up. I don't have this issue anywhere else on my sight. If you look at the list of easyblog modules, there are some duplicates from an older version I do not know how to eliminate. This may be causing the slowness problem. Most of the easyblog modules are affected.

2. To the right of the ShowCase Module (above) on the 2022-front test article. I have embedded another module #2130. These are my featured writers but I only want to display 4. Can a limit be set on how many display? I don't want to have to access my posts everyday to make sure I only have 4 featured. I would like this to be automatic. Also, I have tried to rename the module ( current name is displayed: Featured bloggers front page 2002 -test module), and changes are not being saved.

It feels like I definitely have a bug of some sort.

You are welcome to check and uncheck featured blogs to test the front test page. It won't effect my current home page.

Thank you for your help
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