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Easyblog is KILLING server storage space !!

Supporter · ·
4:33 PM Saturday, 26 June 2021

The way EB handles images is absolutely not inappropriate!
See example:
Orignal Image : 1248 x 1248 238kB
EB thumb 128x128 : 11.21 kB
EB medium 640x640 : 232.42 kB
EB large 960x960 : 494.55 kB
EB amp 1200x1200 : 723.04 kB
EB ??? 960x960 : 494.55 kB

From 1 original file of 238 kB we end up with 5 files and a storage of 1955,77 kB !!

Is this on purpose to sell us your Image Optimization Service ???

That is not acceptable !!
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