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EasyBlog Image control

I have five questions about images in EasyBlog and optimizing things but this is not high priority..

1. How do I limit the number of images in EB Showcase to 1 image?
As you can see in Blogs >> Group Hikes >> SIGN UPS CLOSED: Rattlesnake Pt... , 2 images display when Layout>>Truncation is set to 1 image.

2. How do I control Image width in blog posts?
Images are displaying full width in above post even though Layout>> Post Covers >> Entry layout Post covers is set to 640 px

3. How do I put a limit on number of images in a blog entry?
Is here a way to limit the number of total images a user can post in a blog post?

4. How do I control the size of images allowed to be uploaded to a post?
I have set the upload limit in Media manager quite small to 0.2 MB but EB still allows a 0.6 MB file to upload.

5. Finally are some of these problems caused by using an external editor like JCE?
I'm trying to reduce cpu usage/bandwidth etc by putting some limits on images and sizes.


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