EasySocial 2.2. Released

Copy post get wrong created time

Hide some categories in Search

How to get a translation not in the list (nl_BE)

Dont show image as header in the description of the categories

Sending back the post under review to the author

Adjust module height

Installation gets stuck on "initializing admin files"

Easyblog Installer File Not Found

update Easyblog 5.2 error message

initializing Database

language Slovenia

Easly Blog Layout

Allow Author to post only to a single category

Photo upload fails on Quick Post

Get cover image by article ID

Easyblog: FB integration for a company

0 Call to undefined method Joomla\CMS\Date\Date::toMySQL()

Define default category in each post template

Post Templates

Enable WYSIWYG editor for biography—re-enable?

manual order/sort of posts

Blank block and defaut H title size

Article Composer Default Font Size

Override magazine layout heading

Custom Toolbar Links

GIft For All User EasyBlog Module For Magazine Portal Mode

For Comments: Komento or EasyDiscuss?

Great support

Fantastic support!

Top Notch Support

StackIdeas is the BEST in everything!

0 - Class 'EasyBlogRouter' not found

Disabled the location option

Duplicates items in History Tab

002:EB RC

User Blog App & EB 5.2 RC

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