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Hi there -

I've been using EasyDiscuss and EasyBlog for years, and have consistently thought StackIdeas have the best Joomla products and support out there. I'm really intrigued by EasyArticles, but was curious on some use cases for that vs. EasyBlog. I've read some of the threads/ blog comments, but was hoping if I could get some clarity on what to use when.

More specifically - is this more of a CCK? Do we have control of the article layout *before* getting into the article detail? For example - let's take ZOO as an example? We can set what the summary/ feed layout looks like before getting into the detailed content/ article. So if we wanted a 3 column grid showing content title, description, and image - we have the ability to do that with ZOO. Do we have that level of control with EasyArticles?

Thanks again for all the great products/ support. Definitely excited to learn about the potential of EasyArticles.


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