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I've been struggling to understand the best way to bring my EasySocial sites to the Apple and Google Play Store. I considered a PWA approach, but it still seems like a lot of work and money. I'm looking more at the EasySocial native app, and have a couple of questions.

1.) With the native app, the design would be totally different from the web application (not the end of the world, but I'd like to have it be as similar as possible). What options do we have for designing the app? Are there built-in options for basic styling/colors/margins/padding/fonts, etc...Could it be styled just like a theme that I'm using for the web application, for instance, http://demo.cmsbold.com/bold_socialplus/ ?

2.) Is it possible for the Web application and the mobile application to share the same database... so that if a user signs up on mobile it will show up on web application and vice versa... essential all actions like photo likes, friends follow, photo uploads, etc. all being synced across the two applications? Is this possible? Is that a native capability and how the app is intended to work, or what would that require?

Great products... and much thanks for helping with these questions,
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