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Hello the Team,

As you know, joomla 4 will be at the end of this year 2019.

I red everywhere "the future of joomla 4 is css grid and not bootstrap 4".

I played with Cassiopea the default frontend template in joomla 4 and I made some template test with css-grid in joomla 3 and it's very interesting.

Bootstrap 4 will be only for backward compatibility.

Css grid allows designers and developers to place items (HTML elements) in a grid-based layout using columns and rows and furthermore allows you to lay out the elements of your design independently of their document source order.

I red css grid was more manageable (3 dimensions) and lightweight than bootstrap 3/4 and all frameworks (T3/T4, helix, ...).

Did you plan to propose some stackideas templates based on css grid for the next months?


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