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I just launched a newly redesigned https://www.drcarney.com using the Charm template. I replaced a template I was using before that was created by JoomlaBamboo. The site also heavily depends on a extension that was created by JoomlaBamboo called ZenTools2. It is a tool I have always loved but recently it has broken when EasyBlog was updated. And, it is now owned by JoomlArt who may not have any real incentive to have their software work well with StackIdeas EasyBlog.

So, I want to find replacements. I have asked the folks at Joomshaper.com if any of their modules can work with EasyBlog.

I have not found a module from you all that does what I am wanting, but, it could be that I am not not realizing that what I want is possible with some of your modules.

Basically I just want to generate a list of EasyBlog titles from a particular category or categories that I can put in the sidebar2 position on various pages.

Here is an example of a page where there is a module on the right sidebar2 which is only displaying titles of EasyBlog entries from this category. The module is called People.


Can any of your modules do this?

Thanks, Sean

PS. I have also asked the folks at JoomShaper.com in case any of their modules can work with EasyBlog.

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