I am trying to achieve showing the age inside the popbox. This works fine but not all the time. Some profiles show "unable to load tooltip" but most profiles are working. I am trying to find out what causes this problems. Maybe someone can help?

What I did so far:

I have edited "components/com_easysocial/themes/wireframe/profile/popbox/user.php" and added the following code:

$id = JRequest::getInt( 'id' , null );
// current user profile id
$user = Foundry::user($id);
// Get your current birthday custom field unique key e.g. BIRTHDAY
$birthdayDate = $user->getFieldValue('BIRTHDAY');
// Pass birthday date into this section
$birthDate = new DateTime($birthdayDate);
$now = new DateTime();
// Use this formula generate to age
$age = floor(($now->format('U') - $birthDate->format('U')) / (60*60*24*365));
echo "($age)";
// Result

From line 9 on there seems to be a problem but due to my nearly non-existent programming skills I am not able to find it...

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