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Display mark for clusters videos and albums

Hi. I like new “Updates for Videos, Audio and Albums” improvement. :)

But when I navigate to “All videos” section there is still no difference between user’s and cluster’s video’s.

I suggest to display some mark or icon that will recognize clusters videos.

The main reason why ES need this feature:
For example site has a rule: adult content is not alloved.
But there is private video where users can share such adult videos.
Moderator navigate to "All videos" page and can see adult videos. This adult videos was added to private group and it's not available in publick. But moderator doesn't know about this (because there is no any mark) and start to delete such videos :(

Admins need to check: did user chosed correct cluster for videos.

Also cluster mark will help to promote it.

One of the way is to display one favicon with tooltip that will be display if hover mouse on it (or press by finger).

There is a lot of other variants I suppose: display cluster title.

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