EasySocial 2.2.6

Please excuse me if i am wrong, as i am a new user of EasySocial.

My post is related to fields (custom fields) and privacy control.

I am trying to find a way to create a social network that is basically based on PROFILE TYPE registration.

To accomplish my goal i have to have the option of creating relations of all EasySocial applications and privacy control to PROFILE TYPES.

For example...

User A has registered with PROFILE TYPE "A".
He wants to create a group that will only be visible to all users that have registered with PROFILE TYPE "A". Or perhaps to all users that have registered with PROFILE TYPES "A" and "B".

How will he do this?

I am searching for days and i can not find option to create a custom field to populate values from PROFILE TYPES.

Even if i had the option to populate PROFILE TYPE values in a custom field, How would be possible to use these values in PRIVACY as option for users for Groups - Pages etc?

Forgive me if those features already exist, but i could not discover them anywhere in EasySocial or anywhere else on the web.

Please advise!

Is there a plugin somewhere that will help me to get my job done?
Is there any other solution you can offer?

Thank you in advance!

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