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Custom CSS again...

Steffen Rabe · ·
1:41 AM Wednesday, 16 November 2022
First of all: I really LOVE EB - it's a really great piece of software and I am glad to use it nearly every single day.... on impf-info.de/blog.

Only thing that annoys me is CSS - I use Joomla for quiete a long time (since the 1.x-days, long forgotten) and manipulated CSS ever since by using p.e. web developer and a custom.css or user.css.

Adapting CSS in EB for me ist absolutely counterintuitive - I look up something (for example the blog description) and find .eb-brand-bio . And now? How to change it in EB's custom.css? It is so much more complicated than adapting CSS in Joomla... .

Is there any tutorial for IT-no-pros like me?

(Or in this case at least a hint for changing the blog description in custom.css :D )?

THANK You so much for Your efforts,

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