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I am hoping for some guidance on how to create a custom rule for the "Social Share" function. I am not a programmer, but am fairly savvy once given some basic instruction and am posting in tutorials as I am sure others may be interested in the process.
In reviewing the Developer documentation there seems to be some basic information, can you please some further information?
Where would we place the rules in ES' file structure?
Would the following code as shown in the Developer documentation be all that is needed, but with "social share" replacing "Install Applications"?
"title" : "Install Applications",
"alias" : "install-apps",
"description" : "Earn points when you install applications for your profile.",
"command" : "apps.install",
"extension" : "com_easysocial",
"state" : true,
"points" : 5
A step by step instruction for the process would be amazing at least regarding writing custom point rules for default functions. If it is more information than can be answered in a forum post, I apologize greatly.
Thanks so much!
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