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Thanks for hearing us out.

I believe EB is one of the best softwares out there. I realize separating them into categories can be done. However, users cannot see the older media. By adding new media sections is a major feature upgrade that will enhance EB. Also by adding features:

  • Better layout for user experience
  • Sorting options like (on the top as a dropdown not like ES): Category, Latest, Popular, Trending, Most Commented, Most Likes, etc
  • Social Sharing, Likes, Comments, Reviews, embed, etc
  • Keeping the admin features like the standard article creation would be best but enhanced for video, audio, and photo
  • It will work cohesively having Follow, Notifications, and Playlist feature as well
  • Have descriptions, creator info, views, and metadata
  • Have standard dashboard features and modules like: Most Views, Most Popular, etc
  • Then make it great by adding advertising and analytics features like: Google Adsense, AdMob, AdChoice, & Custom Inserted Video and standard text and image Ads. Also add VIDEO advertisements: Preroll & Postroll ads, Mid-roll ads, VAST / VPAID.

This is a big request, I thought it would be nice. Having ES is a great option but it' has too much features to people that want to keep things simple but still build a community.

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