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Charm Template Issues


Purchased the charm template and like what i see as a starter.

However, Several points i cant get to grasps with

  • First off if i choose custom presets - and activate custom style, no matter which items colour i change absolutely nothing changes upon clicking save it stays the same, tried clearing cache etc no change at all
  • Secondly if i stay on preset 1 which is default the menu item hover colour fades the menu text to white which is the same as the background colour thus becomes invisible??
  • Also i notice on the login form it does not fade in as per your demo and i cant find a setting for that
  • And also, it looks awful if Form data is pre filled, i.e user saves login details, when it prepopulates the from data, its overwritten over the placeholder text until the uses touches the curso on the page anywhere. I can probably write custom overides but wanted to highlight this
  • I Presume we have no choice in the text font we may wish to use or size unless we write a custom css as there are no options for this in the helix ultimate customiser, in fact i notice in your template, the sidebar options for Typography and Mega Menu and ajax ratings are not visible, did you remove the ability for customers to change these parts? As theat was never mentioned in the pre sales blurb
  • Ive also noticed that with sticky header applied on the homepage it works perfectly on desktop, however on mobile and also when testing using chrome developer tools it does not stay sticky but instead half of the header scrolls off the page and then it sticks with half the bar missing

Then on a seperate note and these may be classed as feature request but whats the chances of the following being considered:

I have the docker app which i like however the new nav bar you have implemented works well for everything except quick post is obviously not included which was a great feature. Its not the end of the world but no point in having both the docker and this bar active as its a waste of usuable space

And Finally

I like the idea of the dark / light theme toggle and on a desktop it works really well. However on mobile it annoys me (and it may just be me) as it overlays over any text underneath. Now i appreciate its transparent however it could be a user nightmare when for example they click on toggle sidebar and the option they want is sitting underneath the dark /light toggle. I know for now i could move it to the right hand side as less likely to bug people, but maybe this option should have been put on the navbar (easysocial nav not the menu bar) above rather than the body of the page.

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