Please add a censorship feature for moderator to manage abuse to our website.

Sometimes posted material can be objectionable, harmful, sensitive, or "inconvenient.
Abuse can come in a form of Story text post, images, audios, videos, links & files or even an avatar.

We need to be as clear as possible to users who use our website on what can or cannot be publish in our website.

Moderators should have the ability to replace this abuse posting with a default set of Censorship text, images, audios, videos or even a pdf files, with a reason why their content is being censored. And maybe a link to website Policy.
Website owner can set this default text, links, images, audios, videos or files from the backend.

We think strong and solid moderators tools can boost confident for users using our website.;)

I did submit this in a Feature Request here.
Hope you guys can give a feedback on this.

Thanks ;)

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