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Cascaded Issue


Futher to your action ( http://stackideas.com/forums/easysocial-module-or-component-languages-don-t-change-while-the-site-language-changes-correctly ), it seems it's impacted a part of my administration in Joomla.

I don't know how you fix the previous issue but it's quiete possible it's generated a new one.

I can't save anymore modification within my zoo full template. Whatever I do, it generates a 404 error page with a wrong look and url. Instead of returning a back-end page, I've likely a front-end page according to the style of template and language code included in the url.

Enclosed please find some screenshots reflecting this issue which occurs when I follow these steps :

1. I add a new information (e.g. Newtext field) in my zoo application details and save (http://airshotone.com/administrator/index.php?option=com_zoo&controller=manager&group=page&task=editelements&cid%5B%5D=page) : OK

2. I open the full template to add and render this information on my website (http://airshotone.com/administrator/index.php?option=com_zoo&controller=manager&task=assignelements&group=page&type=page&path=media%252Fzoo%252Fapplications%252Fpage%252Ftemplates%252Fuikit&layout=full). When I click on save, save and close or cancel, it get the error : KO

Please take a look and let me know.

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