My users are having problems with the editor. We are trying to keep the code on our page super simple and are trying to just use paragaph tags for the various carraige returns. We keep trying to figure out why sometimes when we hit the return at the end of a sentence we get the behaviour of a paragraph (appearing to skip a line) and other times we get the behavior of a break (text appears immediately on the next line)

In order to try to figure this out we have reduced ourself to using the editor Notepad++ and turning on all invisible characters.

When write in Notepad++ and then paste into the editor using the option "Paste as plain text".

Unfortunately when the line spacing is not like we want we have no way to fix it except to create the blog fresh and recreate our content again. This is causing us a lot of grief.

I am hoping that maybe the editor will eventually allow us to see the code and tweak it. This is how it is with JCE. I really would rather use the EasyBlog Editor because of the templates that are set up. But, can't figure out what is going on and it is frustrating us unfortunately.

Do you have any idea. If I look on the Notepad++ with the Showing of Invisible characters all the ending lines all appear to be the same. They all display CR LF.

Do you have a better way to do this besides doing the editing in the EasyBlog editor entirely. The reason this is a problem is that Internet access is spotty where some of the editors are and so they need to be able to write in Notepad++ when they are not online and the paste it into the EasyBlog editor when they get online.

I sure wish I knew how to solve this. If you login to my site you will see that I am playing with a draft with the title of "Reduce Cancer Risk With Cruciferous Vegetables"

Thanks, Sean

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