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Lets say the user do the following procedure:

1. User selects a membership
2. User redirected to page to confirm chosen membership, and press pay (using stripe app )
3. User redirected to page to enter the credit card details. At this stage, the user decides to CANCEL the payment and presses cancel instead of proceeding with the payment.
4. User gets redirected the "Payment has been cancelled." page. Here the user is presented with two options (two buttons), either "start over" or Pay Now.

At this point (step 4), looking under the user's account in the dashboard, you will find there is a "No-Status" membership present, even if the membership signup was not fullfilled. Shouldn it be empty ? As it is right now, even if the user decides to "start over" and proceed with payment, he will end up with two memberships under his account, not being able to get rid of the first "No Status" membership.

This will obviosly cause confusion for the users but also a lot of manual work for the site owner that will have to manually remove the "no status" memberships.

I am confused, could you please shed some light over this please?

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